Engineering Asset Management

Mensa Andersen uses a back to basics approach in providing asset management advisory services and asset intervention plans. We work closely with our clients to answer three basic questions; 1. What is our current situation? 2. Where do we want to be? 3. How will we get there? Our clients have been able to move on to upper levels of asset management maturity through the recommendation of cost-effective strategies and implementation plans. The solutions we provide to our clients include:

• Strategic asset management planning
• Asset condition assessment and asset performance analysis
• Development of appropriate asset management plans
• Development of asset management improvement plans
• Auditing of maintenance management and maintenance support systems
• Establishment of maintenance and operating philosophies of assets
• Development of maintenance documentation for individual assets and asset groups
• Review and selection of cost effective maintenance strategies for assets and asset components
• Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) for engineering organisations
• Whole of Life Costing Analysis (WLCA) for engineering assets
• Reliability engineering, shutdown/turnaround planning and management