Engineering Economic Analysis

Mensa Andersen recognises the strategic importance that proper economic evaluation has on capital projects in their conceptual stages. The key to sound economic analysis for decision making lies in the assumptions applied; however through rigor and experience, we are able to select a right and unique set of assumptions for each application. We help our clients commit the right amount of resources at the right time through detailed economic analysis. Our tried and tested economic evaluation methodologies allows for proper identification, quantification and valuation of the economic benefits of projects over specified timeframes for the construction, mining, engineering and maintenance service sectors. The solutions we provide to our clients include:

• Feasibility modeling of engineering projects
• Development of project economic assumptions
• Cost estimating for civil, mechanical and electrical engineering related projects
• Cost Benefit Analysis
• Life Cycle Cost Analysis
• Engineering project cash flow budgeting and analysis
• Replacement analysis of complex engineering assets
• Project financial analysis and valuation