Engineering Quality Management

Mensa Andersen provides quality management services by implementing the right processes required to control, ensure, and improve quality for each individual engineering application. We always achieve complete customer satisfaction because we are able to either focus on specific business processes or the business as a whole. Our structured approach involves the use of Quality Management System Standards including ISO 9001 and MBNQA. Additionally, the team makes use of quality concepts such us Lean, Six Sigma and TQM to ensure products and services delivered are continuously improved upon in order to keep up with dynamic engineering environments. The solutions we provide to our clients include:

• Auditing and analysis of engineering project processes
• Development of Process Improvement Plans
• Implementation and review of quality assurance systems for engineering projects
• Development of quality strategies and manuals
• Total Quality Management
• Quality standards application
• Quality standards measurement
• Introduction of environmental and sustainable practices in engineering Projects
• Monitoring and controlling quality